Daily Prompt: Daring

via Daily Prompt: Daring


Daring to tread the unfathomable jungle of cultures filled with prejudices ,complexities ,dangers and unresolved  issues.

Daring to be the change that you and I dream of.

Daring to transcend beyond geographical boundaries and prove that we are both equal animals.Daring to use  a weapon that will stay imprinted for generations to come,the pen is mightier than the sword.

Daring to  show that you are not the hunter and I am not the hunted.

Besides our color,our shape and form ,our physical anatomy is the same for a reason!Daring you to challenge that….

Daring to let you judge whether I am a victim of my past and my present circumstance or the owner of my   future.

Daring to let you judge the talent within and without my space.

Daring to let you judge the world class resources,art,craft,expertise,skills and above all  the wisdom within my space.

Daring you to be different,daring you to think for yourself,to make your own decisions in concluding whether we are not the same and ONE!

Daring you to join THE TRIBE ,and be a member of a  generation that overlaps the term,a TRIBE that is borne out of the need to unite and share experiences,joys ,challenges  and talent beyond geographical boundaries.

Daring you to STOP thinking the Negative about me and my SPACE,daring you to RISE above the mediocrity of social expectations.

Daring YOU to discover the real YOU .You are a gem,you have a lot of love to share despite what anyone tell YOU.I have a lot of love to share too,together we can be DARING!



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