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I feel humbled to have been featured by Africa Writers Caravan about 4 years back as an African Art Personality of Inspiration 🙏

I have just been going nostalgic as I always do at the beginning of the year!

“She is poised for greater heights in changing both the mindset of stereotypical communities and the negative perceptions of us Africa towards our own craft prophets and theispians.

“Valeria Lemani is a life changing , mindset transformation and Community awareness guru. She dives into Exposure exhibitions from Art and Craft into Art Marketing diplomacy to Social media communications and relations. Such a bundle of Creativity.”

What is your greatest life, artistic, academic and creative achievements?

I wouldn’t want to say that I have reached my peak in personal and career accomplishments but am consistently working towards improving myself so that I can impart a positive change in my community.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management with IMM South Africa and a diploma in digital marketing from The Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland.

I started as a banker and my career in the industry spanned for more than 7 years. I have always been a people person, passionate, out of the box thinker and highly opinionated. The desire to expand my horizons inspired me to leave the banking sector at my own will, a radical move to my peers and my superiors who considered me to possess great potential for career advancement in the banking sector. I joined the auctioneering industry and that ironically was a platform to flourish and expose my real talents ……

I then left the auctioneering industry to concentrate on my passion of working with the community in 2018.

I am passionate about my country and its people! I am Afrocentric, I live and breathe Art. Art as expressed in writing, in images, in sculptures and in craft.  This inspired me to start  a part time solo project which I began working on since 2015.I want to be the change and inspire the change that we want for our continent Africa.

I believe in the untapped potential of local artists especially women and youth and it is a personal calling to expose their strengths through art and craft.  I use my digital skills in social media and electronic media to expose our unique talent to the international markets. In 2017 year we sent a donation in the form of a postcard to an international exhibition in London (Twitrartexhibit) so as to raise brand awareness of our project. I also participate in local fairs and international festivals. We had a very wonderful experience in 2016 at the Jameson Victoriafalls Carnival during New Year’s Eve where we held  an exhibition. They were thousands of tourists and indigenes  who attended the event and it was mesmerizing exposure!

I am also an advocate for art and craft awareness by our local community. Some Zimbabweans often shun our own art and craft labelling it ancestral worship. There is a need to  mindset transformation and help people appreciate our own unique beautiful work instead of buying the same products that have been exported overseas when they visit those destinations. I am quite excited about the new Art and Craft Awareness curriculum in ECD and Primary Schools which has exposed parents and teachers to the need to embrace our own culture.

What are your future prospects in your career and in your life?

Contribution to the growth of the Zimbabwean Economy.

Sustainable Development and growth of the local marginalised artists especially women and youth.

Forging of long term mutually beneficial relationships with international markets.

Boosting the tourism industry of Zimbabwe.

What have you achieved in the past 4 years?

We have grown in leaps and bounds with my community. Our art and craft work has been distributed in art galleries, design houses, movie production firms and other ecommerce shops across the world.

What is your parting shot to fellow women and girls?

Being a first born in a family of four girls I was disparaged at one point or another by the community because I was a girl child, my viewpoints were insignificant even though my opinion would have done  a lot  of difference.  I would feel the pain my mother got from the stigma perpetrated by some family members for not bearing a male child to carry the family patriarch.

I have tweaked this article a bit to allow changes that happened during the passage of time. 

I am currently on the look out of a partner in another country who is interested in merchandising our African home decor and musical products preferably someone with a shop already.

You can send a message or text for further details.

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