Telephone wire baskets, intriguing form of home decor

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Wall basket decor
Zulu telephone wire baskets and beaded dolls
We are excited to announce our latest addition to our African art and crafts ! These are the intriguing telephone wire baskets made by rural women from KwaZulu Natal Province of South Africa.
You might wonder how modern material syncs with the traditional form of creativity?  The Zulu people were known to make beautiful baskets from natural grass and palm leaves ,  something kindred to the Batonga people who also weave baskets from natural renewable resources.
 Due to modernization some of the Zulu folks have continued with their tradition and also added new material in the form of recycled telephone wire which is found easily . These baskets retain the same artistic skills passed from generation to generation. 

There is a striking beauty in the spiral shape of the baskets that simply bring a spectacular aura to a room.  Great as wall hanging decor, shelf decor , fruit baskets or storage baskets.

Currently you may visit our Etsy site for these telephone wire baskets .

They can also be fused with other traditional home decor baskets, like the Binga baskets,  gokwe baskets, sisal baskets etc. This brings a  certain eclectic feel to a designer’s goals.

We will be adding them on this site soon. Keep locked on!!

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